Welcome to Studio Ichigo!

Cultivating Sustainability in Japan: Ichigo ignites change through playful workshops & expert bridges.

Studio Ichigo is a small, dynamic agency, spreading science-based sustainability knowledge across Japan. We offer engaging teambuilding workshops (Climate Fresk, Biodiversity Collage) that get your brains buzzing, and customizable consulting that connects you with cutting-edge European ideas.

We’re passionate about sustainability, not profits. Agile, creative, and fueled by strawberries & good vibes.

  • Ichigo means strawberry in Japanese. Strawberries are colorful, healthy, enjoyable and refreshing, like our services.
  • Ichigo also means first encounter – a one time chance to connect with someone new. We believe that human interaction is essential for sustainability.
  • Ichi, go – taken separately – means one and five. We’re fighting for the 1.5° target of the Paris Agreement, the global climate action compass.

Who’s in charge there?

Well it’s me, who’s writing these lines. I’m Stéfan, from France. I’ve been working in sustainability in Japan since 2016, at the French Embassy, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and in private consulting and education. I’m also involved in groups such as the European Business Council in Japan, where I chair the Sustainability Committee. On my free time, I play drums in rock bands, I take photos, and I organize events.

You can reach me there:

  • Business Registration: Studio Ichigo is constituted as a Sole Proprietorship business activity, registered by Stéfan Le Dû in Toshima, Tokyo, on 11th January 2024.
    • Ichigo Bloom is operated by Studio Ichigo as a collective of independent freelance service providers.
  • Main services: Sustainability consulting (Ichigo Bridge) and sustainability education (Ichigo Bloom). Support to Europe-Japan exchanges for sustainability.
  • Main clients: Private businesses (mainly European and Japanese); Local Governments; Other consultants; Other public organizations.