Science-based Teambuilding Sustainability Workshops

Climate Fresk

Unlock the secrets of climate change with your team! Engage in a collaborative and fun workshop using the award-winning Climate Fresk. Learn the science behind climate change, discuss actionable solutions, and motivate your team to create a sustainable future.

  • Science-based: Build a strong understanding of climate change.
  • Visual & collaborative: Learn through cards and discussions.
  • Fun & engaging: Build morale and team spirit.
  • Actionable: Kickstart concrete plans to reduce your company’s impact.

Biodiversity Collage

Discover the wonders of biodiversity and its critical role in our future. Dive into this interactive workshop to understand the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss. Explore creative solutions and inspire your team to take action.

  • Science-based: Gain knowledge about biodiversity and its importance.
  • Visual & collaborative: Learn through engaging activities and discussions.
  • Fun & rewarding: Build awareness and commitment to sustainability.
  • Actionable: Discuss strategies to protect biodiversity in your operations.

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