The Biodiversity Collage


Embark on a collaborative adventure with the Biodiversity Collage, a global movement with 50,000 participants. This engaging workshop utilizes a set of 39 science-backed cards based on IPBES reports, representing the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss.

Explore the intricate tapestry of life on Earth and understand the threats biodiversity faces, including habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. Uncover the interconnectedness of species and their vital roles in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Work together with your team to identify solutions that promote sustainable practices and positive impact on biodiversity.

Leave the workshop feeling empowered to contribute to a future where humans and nature can thrive in harmony. The Biodiversity Collage is environmental action, gamified!

Logistics & Format

This collaborative journey takes 3 hours and is perfect for groups of 4-7 participants. Similar to The Climate Fresk, Studio Ichigo provides all necessary materials, including card sets, facilitators, and instructions. No prior knowledge of sustainability is required, making the workshop accessible to everyone. We recommend in-person sessions for optimal collaboration, but online options are available for remote teams.

Ready to embark on a collaborative journey to protect biodiversity?

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