Unleash sustainable action with Ichigo Bloom’s engaging workshops

Ichigo Bloom, a new sustainability education provider in Tokyo, is thrilled to announce the introduction of three impactful workshops designed and developed in France, now available to companies and organizations across Japan! These innovative workshops offer a unique blend of collaboration, knowledge, and action, empowering your teams to become champions of sustainability.

The Climate Fresk: Dive into a collaborative climate challenge with the Climate Fresk! This engaging workshop utilizes science-backed cards and expert facilitation to unlock the fundamentals of climate change, spark discussions, and ignite innovative solutions. Leave feeling empowered to tackle this global challenge head-on.

The Biodiversity Collage: Embark on a collaborative journey to understand the importance of biodiversity with the Biodiversity Collage. Through interactive card sets and group discussions, explore the threats biodiversity faces and discover ways to create a positive impact. Foster a shared understanding and inspire your team to become stewards of our natural world.

2tonnes: The Decarbonization Challenge: Join the collaborative climate adventure with 2tonnes! This workshop utilizes simulations and interactive software to explore the path towards a low-carbon future. By experiencing the impact of various choices, your team will leave empowered to contribute to a more sustainable future, both individually and collectively.

While each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of sustainability, they share a common core: engaging collaboration, expert facilitation, and a focus on actionable solutions. This allows for the creation of powerful learning experiences tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Imagine combining the climate knowledge gained from the Climate Fresk with the action-oriented solutions discovered in 2tonnes. Or, pair the biodiversity understanding from the Collage with the collaborative problem-solving fostered in all three workshops!

Ichigo Bloom is committed to empowering your organization to become a leader in sustainability. Contact us today to learn more about these engaging and impactful French-made workshops and ignite a culture of sustainability within your team!

Ichigo Bloom offers climate and biodiversity collaborative workshops such as the Climate Fresk and the Biodiversity Collage, to raise awareness and ignite change within organizations.

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